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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs are the single most dangerous component of your garage door system today. They are under extreme tension and should not be tightened or replaced by a homeowner or even DIY Handyman. They are extremely complex if you don’t have the right safety training and experience, so please call your local garage door professional and have them replace or add tension to your springs. Homeowners have been trying to purchase their own garage door springs online to save money but every time I run into this very conscientious homeowner I have found that they tried real hard but still ordered the wrong springs or low quality springs. I recommend letting the professionals bringing their own torsion or extension springs since we have all sizes on the truck anyway. There are also warranty issues when installing springs that a homeowner has already purchased online. We only use 15,000-20,000 cycle springs to ensure that our 5 year part warranty will hold up. The average spring life expectancy is 7-9 years, assuming 10,000 cycles at 4 cycles a day. However, with the garage door being used as the front door more and more, increasing the daily cycles, springs may last only 4-6 years.

Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs Replacement

Torsion Springs

There are 2 main factors when replacing torsion springs. The correct size for your particular door and which spring is for the right side and which is for the left side. Garage Door sizes and materials vary so much that this is the most important step because just because your garage door has one specific size on it doesn’t mean that is the right size, especially if the springs have been replace before. Many times I have seen other garage door companies install the wrong size spring and simply add extra turns to compensate. They probably didn’t have the right spring on the truck or simply made a mistake and didn’t take the time to redo it. Measure twice and install once has always been my motto. I’d rather be safe than sorry but have made this mistake myself but never tried to cover it up by adding extra tension on a smaller spring or less tension on a larger spring. Doing this will be noticeable because the door will not operate properly. Torsion springs are installed along the top of your garage door on a torsion bar. They are the easiest and safest garage door spring on the market today and used 75% of the time unless there isn’t room to install them because of low headroom.

Extension Springs Replacement

Extension Springs

Extension springs were the norm about 10-15 years ago and were about all that you would see installing and repairing garage doors. Now they are the minority but are still seen in low headroom situations. They are installed from front to back of your garage usually beside the track and overhead. They are a little safer to install but more dangerous when they break unless safety cables are installed with them. The safety cables act like the torsion springs torsion bar and keep them from flying around in your garage. They are a little cheaper than their counterparts and have about the same life expectancy but that all depends on how many cycles per day you use your garage door. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement Pricing

Garage Door Springs for residential homes usually range from $179-$199 for extension spring replacements and $229-$279 for torsion spring replacements. Labor is included in both of those prices but that is not a fixed quote because there could be other issues involved. The extension or torsion cables could be frayed and needing replacing as well as torsion drums or pulleys. This is a ball park price so that our customers will not be surprised by the price. We believe in up front pricing and know that no one likes surprises when it comes to spending money they were not prepared for in the first place. In older homes or garages with low headroom they may not have installed extension safety cables with your garage door since it was not deemed important 10-15 years ago. Without these safety cables if your extension cable snaps I have seen the springs lying in the house itself where it has plunged through ½ sheet-rock. This should be considered a dangerous missile. We always install safety cables with every extension spring replacement we make. We also recommend replacing the pulleys if the garage door is older than 5 years old, since that is about the life expectancy of all the doors hardware.

Call us today for all your garage door spring replacements. We install and replace torsion springs & extension springs.


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