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Check out our customer reviews

Affordable Garage Doors thrive on customer satisfaction, word of mouth referrals and also dedicate ourselves on gathering customer reviews so our new leads have something to base our service company off of.  Please take a moment to look over our review page and we feel confident that you will see you are making the right choice by contacting us.

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Alberto Ruiz | 10/18/16: 

I called these guys because my car was stuck in my garage and I couldn’t lift the door myself.  I was pretty much trapped and needed to get to a very important business meeting.  They scheduled me for an emergency service call and showed up within 45 minutes.  They quickly got my garage door opened, diagnosed the problem and got me a price to make the repairs.  I told them I had to go and they could go ahead and fix the door and close everything up when they were finished.  They installed 2 new springs and tuned-up my garage door.  The door has never operated better.  Thank you Affordable Garage Doors!


Five Star Review

Thank you Mr. Ruiz!  It was a pleasure doing business with you too!


Michelle Anderson | 11|24|16:

I live in the St. Augustine South and was looking to replace my 2 old garage doors with something a little more attractive.  My old wooden doors were falling apart and I needed to spruce things up a bit.  I called several companies before deciding to go with Affordable Garage Doors.  They installed 2 new carriage doors and the house looks like a million bucks.  Who would have thought that new doors would make that much difference to the over all appearance.  They were here on time for the estimate and the actual installation.  The technician was polite, courteous and very efficient in getting the job done.  I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for new garage doors!

I hope you really enjoy those great looking new carriage doors Mrs. Anderson!


Mike Raulerson | 12|1|16:

I was checking online for a new garage door opener and found Affordable Garage Doors.  They were a local company and that mattered to me considerably.  I called and let them know what I was looking for and they were spot on in their scheduling and installation process.  I have got 2 new Liftmaster Belt Drive Openers that are way quieter than the old Genie openers that were here when I bought the house.  I had them install me a keypad so that family could get in if we were away from the house.  I am very happy with the service that I received and will only call them in the future!  The whole process was very pleasing and not as expensive as I first thought.

Five Star Review


Thanks for the great review!


Mary Jenkins | 12|10|16:

I woke up this morning and went to leave my home and the garage door wouldn’t work.  I called Affordable Garage Doors and told them it was not an emergency and they walked me through disconnecting my opener so that I could go get groceries and they scheduled service later that day.  They were on time and gave me a written estimate to replace the circuit board on my garage door opener.  They had the part on the truck and the repair was done the same day!  If you are having problems with your door or opener I would call Affordable Garage Doors.  Hard-working, on time and dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Thanks for the great review!


Ronald Jones | 12| 12|16:

I have a rental property and my tenant was having problems with the garage door.  He actually called around and got the best price for repairing my garage door and I was notified by Affordable Garage Doors that I had an off-track garage door and what it would cost to repair it.  My tenant was extremely fearful that the car door would come down on her car.  They assured her that they had made these types of repairs 1000’s of times and she felt very comfortable with them.  She was totally impressed with their experience and if she’s happy then I am happy because I didn’t have to do anything but send my credit card info.  This company is good at what they do!  


Thanks for the great review!


Jason Phillips | 12|20|16:

I was having problems with my Wayne Dalton garage door and didn’t know what to do.  I have never owned this particular brand of garage door and I couldn’t locate the springs anywhere while inspecting the door.  As soon as I called Affordable Garage Doors and told them brand name they instantly knew what it was.  They told me that my springs were broken and they aren’t visible with this brand.  They informed me that I needed a torque master conversion and put me on the schedule the next day.  They made the repair with no problems and I am very happy with their service.  I know who to call if there are problems in the future!

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Five Star Review

We are glad we could help!

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Here at Affordable Garage Doors of St. Augustine, FL we care what are customers are saying and feel about our services.  We have countless other reviews like these and will be adding them to the website as we get the time.  We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and we will do our all to meet it.  Don’t settle for less when you can have the best garage door service in the area.  Call Affordable Garage Doors today!  You’ll be glad you did!  Here are some more great reviews and a link to our Google My Business page.  We urge you to tell us how your service went and realize that 65% of our customers actually base their decision on the reviews we have.






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